A cohort of up to 15 individuals with diverse professional experiences and backgrounds will be selected from across the state.

Candidates should be ready to engage fully in an executive-level curriculum and be in alignment with our stated goal: Omidyar Fellows is a societal change program. We seek to cultivate the conditions in which Hawaii thrives.

We’re looking for individuals with at least ten years of professional experience leading and engaging others (graduate studies may count toward this criteria), who are willing to commit significant time and effort to improve the future of Hawaii.

We are seeking leaders with both the motivation and ability to make transformational change happen in Hawaii by demonstrating the following:

  • Transformative leadership (catalyst, connector, and weaver) with executive capacity
  • Motivation for change beyond current state and willingness to take risks
  • Motivation to cross standard practices and boundaries to achieve goals
  • Their organization/community are considered significant in the state, if not by size, then by profile, example, and potential for replication
  • Ability to make significant contributions to the learning experience of others in the cohort and the Forum of Fellows
  • Accomplishment beyond the norm
  • Leadership - not just by title, but by being a strategist and a decision maker
  • Strong desire to be in the program and has the bandwidth and commitment to fully participate, and continue to be active and engaged in the Forum of Fellows
  • Ability to be a strong connector and facilitator
  • Arrived at an understanding of Hawaii’s cultural, social, and political contexts
  • Garnered the full support of his/her employer

Who is the ideal candidate for the Omidyar Fellows program?

The best candidates are mid-career professionals who have been entrepreneurial in their career and who have had the experience and drive to be disrupters and transformative catalysts within organizational leadership and/or outside of formal roles. We seek individuals who will lead here in Hawaii and understand that leadership is a very courageous undertaking. Successful applicants must be able to articulate their own motivation and vision for the future of Hawaii.